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FTM vocal satisfaction research survey

The manuscript for my thesis study on the sexual attractions of FTMs is currently in preparation and I will be posting the final draft when it is accepted for publication. In the meantime, my colleague Vica is a linguist from Rice University in Houston and she is interested in studying the voices of FTMs. Here's her survey. It took me 9 minutes to complete.

"My name is Vica Papp and I am a speech scientist at Rice University, Houston, TX. My PhD research concerns the voice experiences, vocal
health, and vocal satisfaction of all transmen and FTMs. In order to better inform the transgender, medical and academic communities about the speech-related experiences, concerns and needs of transmen and FTMs I created an online questionnaire.
The time required to complete the questionnaire is about 20 minutes and all FTMs and transmen over 18 years old are eligible to fill out the questionnaire _regardless of testosterone use_. Your answers are completely confidential and encrypted.

For the survey please follow the link below

Please encourage other transmen and FTMs to fill out the questionnaire.

Thank you for your help,

Vica Papp, MSc., MA., MA"

Hope you're well!
Stacey Colt Meier, M.A.
Clinical Psychology
University of Houston