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Voice Perception Research


My very good friend and colleague, Vica Papp, is conducting a research study on how we perceive voices in terms of age and gender, among other variables. She is a doctoral candidate in Linguistics at Rice University in Houston, Texas. ANYONE who is 18 or older with access to internet with sound is eligible to take the survey, transgender or not.

"I was wondering if you could send my survey link out to all the TG groups that you know of? The survey takes about 15 mins and since I am explicitly looking at TG speech production and speech perception as well, I need TG (FTM, MTF, everyone included) listeners as well. This study is the first in so many ways. It uses TG voices as well and it is looking into speech descriptors that helps or hinders TG speakers from passing."

For the survey go to:


I hope you will consider participating in this study. It should be fun!

Colt Meier, MA
Clinical Psychology Doctoral Candidate
University of Houston

x posted transgender and ftm